Recent and Upcoming Concerts


D’Amore Duo:
Jan 14, 1 pm St James School with violist Dan Zhang Lydia MD
March 10, 3 pm Padagonia Opera House, Patagonia AZ
Sept 24, 4 pm  Main Stay, Rock Hall MD


Nov 18, 4 pm Tiburon Historical Society, Tiburon CA
Dec 7, 7 pm Argentine Embassy performing Jeromita Linares with the Pan American Symphony, Sergio Busjle conducting Washington DC


August 13, 7pm Saint Paul’s Church, Walnut Creek CA
August 14, 3 pm Crocker Museum, Sacramento CA
August 24, 7pm The Panorama Pavilion, Lacey WA
October 5, 8pm Blackwall Hitch, Gambrels, MD
October 9, 3pm “Diferencias solo program” St James School, Hagerstown MD
October 15, 8pm Blackwall Hitch, Gambrels, MD
October 29, 7pm “Echoes of Goya” Marilyn Horne Center, University of Pittsburgh Bradford, PA


March 30, 7pm “Music for Dessert” Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Center, Purcellville, VA


March 8, 4pm “Echoes of Goya” Tiburon California Music at Old St Hilary’s
March 14, 5pm “Echoes of Goya” Second Saturday Series, Glendale City SDA Church, Glendale CA
June 14, 3pm “Echoes of Goya” Crocker Museum of Art Sacramento CA


January 13, 3pm “Echoes of Goya” Free Library, Hagerstown MD
January 19, 7pm “Echoes of Goya” St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek CA
February 10, 2pm “Chemainus Classical Concerts” All Angels Anglican Church Chmainus British Columbia
February 23, 7 pm “Echoes of Goya” St Anastasia Catholic Church, St Augustine FL
February 24, “Echoes of Goya” Newell Fund for the Performing Arts, Apalachicola FL
March 8, 7:30pm “Echoes of Goya” Bonita Lestina Series at Old Town Hall, Fairfax VA
March 22, Private Concert, Washington DC
April 5, 8pm,  Concert on theorbo with Washington Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble and combined choirs directed by Ryan Mullaney at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA
April 11-13 residency at Carrizozo School, Carrizozo NM
April 13, 4pm “Echoes of Goya” Carrizozo NM
April 14, 3pm “Echoes of Goya” Benderly- Kendall Opera House, SCFPA, Patagonia AZ
April 28, 4:30pm “Echoes of Goya”  Davies Memorial Universalist Church, Camp Springs MD
May 24, Private Concert, Washington DC
June 14, Private Concert, Washington DC
August 30, Private Concert, Washington DC
September 22, 7:30pm, “Echoes of Goya” Family Piano Company, Waukegan Chamber Music Society, Waukegan IL
September 25, 1:30pm, “Echoes of Goya” Panorama Auditorium,  Lacey WA
October 13, 3pm, “Echoes of Goya” Trinity Lutheran Church, Altoona PA
November 3, 2:30pm, The Bowery Stage at Winnsboro Center for the Arts, Winnsboro TX, (D’Amore Duo)
November 29,  Washington DC (private concert)


January 29 – February 4, Havana Cuba, “IV Encuentro de Guitarra Identidades” Guitar Festival. (Performance and Master class)
February 9,  3pm Washington DC, Private Concert
March 10, 7pm “Music at St. Paul’s”, St Paul’s Episcopal Church Walnut Creek CA
March 14, 6:30 pm University of Pittsburgh Bradford Marilyn Horne Hall
April 13, Washington DC Private Concert
April 29, 3pm Benderly- Kendall Opera House, SCFPA, Patagonia AZ
June 14,  7pm Hearst Center for the Arts, Cedar Falls IA
June 22, Washington DC Private Concert
August 31, Washington DC Private Concert
September 16, 3 pm Washington County Museum of Art, Hagerstown MD
October 14, 4 pm “Echoes of Goya” Lakeside Performing Arts Series St James Episcopal Church, Skaneateles NY
November 17, 1:30pm Newport Richie FL Friends of the New Port Richie Library (D’Amore Duo)
November 18, 4pm Music at St. Boniface, Sarasota FL (D’Amore Duo)


January 13, 8 pm (D’Amore Duo) Old Town Hall Series, Fairfax VA
March 11, 7 pm (D’Amore Duo) Starlight Tea Concert series, Lancaster PA
May 6, 7 pm (D’Amore Duo) Garfield Center for the Arts, Chestertown MD
April 29, 8 pm (D’Amore Duo) Shepherdstown WV Guitar Festival
July 27, 7:30 pm (D’Amore Duo) Gainesville VA Heritage Hunt
October 7, 8 pm (D’Amore Duo) Aguado Guitar Series, Northern VA
October 8, time TBD Aguado Guitar Series, Guitar Master Class, Northern VA
October 15, 4 pm (D’Amore Duo) Oceans Classics Concert Series, Toms River NJ
October 22, 2:30 pm Washington County Museum, Hagerstown MD
November 2, (D’Amore Duo) Music in Carrizozo School program
November 3, 11am (D’Amore Duo) Music in Carrizozo Village Hall, Carrizozo, NM
November 19 (D’Amore Duo) Concerts in the Community, Hedgesville WV
December 2, 7:30pm  Jim Rouse Theatre in Columbia. Concierto de Aranjuez with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Jason Love, Conductor


May 15 2 pm (D’Amore Duo) Shepherd International Guitar Festival, Shepherdstown WV
June 24, 8 pm (D’Amore Duo)  Forfest Festival, Kormeritz, Czech Republic
June 27, 6 pm  (D’Amore Duo) Bedřich Smetana Museum, Prague, CR
June 28, 1 pm Master class, Jána Albrechta Music Acadamy, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia
June 28, 6 pm Concert, Old Castle, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia
October 23, 4 pm (D’Amore Duo) Vineville Methodist church Macon Ga
October 24, 7 pm (D’Amore Duo) Belmont Abbey College, Belmont NC
October 25, Noon (D’Amore Duo) Tuesday Music Live at Old St Pauls Church Augusta Ga
November 9, 7 pm (D’Amore Duo) GC&SU Milledgeville Ga
November 19 8 pm St. Martin’s College, Lacey Wa solo guitar


June 14 – Baltimore, MD
October 25 – Agusta, GA: Music at Midday
November 8 – (D’Amore Duo) Fairmont WV: Fairmont Chamber Music Society


January 23 – Shepherdstown, WV: Shepherd University Salon Series with baritone Robert Tudor
January 25 –  Annapolis, MD:  St. Margarets Church with baritone Robert Tudor
February 14 – D’Amore Duo Fairfax, VA:  Concerts at old Town Hall
February 15 –  D’Amore Duo Silver Spring, MD:  Spencerville Adventist Church Evensong Concert
February 20 – Arlington VA: private concert
March 9 – Fairfield Bay, AS:  NCAFA&E solo concert
March 13-16  – Helena, MT: Montana Early Music Festival
March 21 – Silver Spring, MD:  private concert
April 12 – Mattituck, NY:  solo concert
April 11 – D’Amore Duo Camp Springs, MD:  Davies Concert Series,
April 16 – D’Amore Duo Winchester, VA: Valley West Canterbury Bistro Series
June 7 – D’Amore Duo Montauk, NY
June 20 – Silver Spring, MD: private concert
July 13 – Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, NH: theorbo, baroque guitar and 19th century guitar with Sarah Weiner baroque oboe and recorder
July 17 – Shepherdstown, WV: Shepherdstown Guitar Festival, solo and ensemble concerts
July 19 – Arlington, VA: private concert
September 6 – Arlington, VA: private concert
October 16 – South Hill, VA: Virginia Colonial Center, solo concert
November 8-9 – San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico
November 15 – Arlington, VA


April 20, 2013, Pennsylvania Consort, New Bedford, Pa
February 12, 2013, The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Ca
November 6, 2012,  Tuesday Music Live, Augusta, Ga
June 3,  2012, Virginia Museum of Art, Richmond, Va
January 21 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Masters in the Chapel , Venice, Ca.
January 22 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Camerata Musica, Richland Wa.
April 7 – Concert, Echoes of Goya, Virginia Highlands College, Marion, Va.
April 14 – Concert, Two Americas, The Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento Ca
June 12 – The D’Amore Duo, An die Musik, Baltimore Md.
June 22 – Concert, Forfest, Koromeritz, Czech Republic
August 29 – Concert, Two Americas, Lacey Wa.
September 29 – The D’Amore Duo, Longwood University, Farmville, Va.
November 11 – The D’Amore Duo, Old Towne Hall, Fairfax Va.

Concerts from 2010

March 9 – US State Department sponsored tours of Peru an d Honduras
March 10 – Concert, Binational Center, Arequipa Peru
March 13 – Concert , Binational Center Cuzco, Peru
March 15 – Concert , IX Lima International Guitar Festival, Lima Peru
March 16 – Masterclass, Lima International Guitar Festival
March 17 – Concert, Binational Center, Trujillo, Peru
March 18 – Concert, Binational Center, Chiclayo, Peru
March 20 – Concert, IX Lima International Guitar Festival, Lima, Peru
March 22 – Master Class, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
March 22 – Appearance on National Television on the program “Abriendo Brecha”
March 23 – Masterclass, Escuela Nacional de Música, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
March 23 – Concert, National Theater, “Manuel Bonilla”, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
March 24 – Masterclass, Conservatorio Diaz Zelaya, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
March 24 – Recital at the U.S. Ambasssador’s Residence, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
March 25 – Concert, The Cathedral, Choluteca, Honduras
May 20 – Concert, Echoes of Goya, Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale Cal.
June 12, – Concert, Penn Alps, Grantsville MD.
August 28 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, New Port Richie, Fla
August 29 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, St Petersburg Art Museum, St. Petersburg Fla.
October 8 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Old Town Hall, Fairfax Va
October 24 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, River Road Concerts, Richmond Va
November 8 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Lindsay Wilson College, Columbia Ky.
November 22 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Belmont Abbey College, Greensboro, NC
November, 23 – Concert, the D’Amore Duo, Tuesday Music Live, Concert, Augusta Ga.
December 20 – Conrad Susa, Southwest Carols, Thomas Circle Singers, Washington DC